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Movies, we all see a lot. Many of them have splendid court scenes. Some of them address a social issue while others just create mockery. Now, let’s look at them wearing the GRE cap.

The lawyers analyze the arguments and bring out flaws that challenge the logic and conclusions made by the opponent. Neither of them has all evidence at the first hearing itself. The job is to listen the argument made by the fellow advocate and challenge his conclusions not to giver the verdict. Leave that to the judge

Similarly, as an argument writer, we do not suggest, conclude or opine. We have to contend that the logic is flawed and that more evidence and scientific support is required to accept the deduction.

Steps to write an effective argument:

  1. Read the argument premise and conclusion at least twice.
  2. Underline the conclusion made by the author. Usually, it is either the first or the last line of the argument.
  3. Number the logic, supporting statements or any evidences made by the author.
  4. Challenge them by stating lack of evidence or incorrect correlation. Do not call it wrong.
  5. Logically organize your essay with good linking words and supporting statements.
  6. Use strong vocabulary from the GRE wordlist.
  7. Use a variety of sentence structures ensuring correct grammar.

Next what? Wait for a good score.. J



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