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A pen in my hand, a blank paper on my desk and an even blank mind… Is it writer’s block or incompetency or something else, I wonder. I have to write a Statement Of Purpose for my application. In addition, the university has given additional essay topics. It adds a lot of value to my profile if my essays are well written. I have to create a positive as well as distinct image in front of the selection committee. Got these thoughts in mind…?? Let’s Read Ahead.. 🙂

Writing an application essay is indeed challenging. However, it should not be daunting us as it is about us; our profile, our achievements and our opinions. Essays test language yet that is not the only area of judgement. While assaying your essay, many critical aspects are deliberated upon. One of the primary tests is tailoring your essay according to the admission requirements and future goals. This means mentioning the right points at the right place in the right manner with right amount of focus. Its like a game of blocks. All pieces are attractive but each has a separate place for itself. When placed properly, a masterpiece is created.

In addition, we must remember never to copy-paste SOPs available on internet. Each essay is unique to the writer. Such an essay may have sterling language proficiency but your application may not need such a verbose essay. Dwell more on how to attract reader’s attention to your significant achievements.

Furthermore, ensure that the length is adequate. If word limit s specified, respect it. Else, an essay should not exceed two-three pages depending upon your credentials and the course applied for. For instance, a PhD essay may be long for a lot of paper work is detailed. On the contrary, a Bachelors applicant should restrict to two pages. Do not write irrelevant quotations or long paragraphs with aesthetic language that conveys less details about you.

Finally, while you describe your profile in length, do not fail to justify how these accomplishments relate to your future goals; both short term and long term. Show clear alignment of the credentials, selected course and ambitions. Justify how the chosen country, university and course will add value and enable to achieve the goals. In short, your genuine interest to study is tested in terms of past, present and future.

All in all, we need not be authors and journalists to write well. We need to be smart writers writing correct information in the most apt manner.

All The Best.. A New Environment is not Far from You..

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