FACTORS INFLUENCING STUDY ABROAD DECISIONS     ACADEMIC PROFILE: Grades, GPA, Percentage have a vital role in your study abroad plans. The top universities and colleges, usually, have high cut-offs. This also includes scores of English Language tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE and aptitude tests like GRE or GMAT.  However, do not be discouraged, […]

English- WINglish

English WINglish   “I can understand English but cannot speak.” “I go blank in office meetings and interviews.” “I can’t recollect the right words.” “Tenses are confusing.” “I want to speak English confidently and fluently.”   Are these your thoughts? It’s time to challenge the fear and WIN against this battle with poor English communication. […]

Tips for Writing and Speaking Exams

Writing and Speaking are productive skills while Reading and Listening are receptive skills. We need to generate ideas and connect them to deliver a meaningful information. We all are creative and have wonderful ideas. The problem lies in correct use of language and speaking or writing in a logically organized manner. Following are some basic […]

    We, the Youth of India !

“Let us not be prisoners of the past, but the shapers of the future.” John Samuel, Action Aid International   When we read the above quotations, a whirlpool of energy stimulates and empowers us. We, the Youth of India Youth today, are the pulse of the country and getting them involved in the development of […]

Need Brings Greed, If Need Increases, It Spoils Breed

When the hunter-gatherer rolled tree trunks to transport things, little did he know that one day, a master piece developed from this idea, would aid mass transportation across the globe. Similarly, when he rubbed flint stones for cooking, protection and warmth, he had no idea that a day would come, when fire would light multiple […]


Movies, we all see a lot. Many of them have splendid court scenes. Some of them address a social issue while others just create mockery. Now, let’s look at them wearing the GRE cap. The lawyers analyze the arguments and bring out flaws that challenge the logic and conclusions made by the opponent. Neither of […]

Communication – Simple or Ornate?

SIMPLE OR ORNATE??? We all have an innate desire to impress others. Everyone should have a desirable opinion of us. Hence, even while communicating, we try to use complex sentence structures and words. We want to make our statements full of difficult, rare and complex words to make sure of getting the special identity. Then […]

University Admission Essays – Words that portray you

THE APPLICATION ESSAY – WORDS THAT PORTRAY YOU… A pen in my hand, a blank paper on my desk and an even blank mind… Is it writer’s block or incompetency or something else, I wonder. I have to write a Statement Of Purpose for my application. In addition, the university has given additional essay topics. […]